[fpc-pascal] synapse and OS/2

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Sun Nov 11 02:29:50 CET 2012

before i get too much further along on this project, i guess i should ask about 
the ssleay32 and libeay32 libraries on OS/2...

i'm developing this project on windows with the ultimate goal of copying the 
source files over to my OS/2 (eCS2) box and compiling it there with FPC... i 
have another project that uses only about four of the synapse39 files and they 
required some modification to compile on OS/2 with EMX... i'm concerned that i 
may run into the same problem with synapse40 as well as not being able to have 
the needed ssleay32 and libeay32 files for accessing https sites...

what i have works fine, so far, on windows... i actually have two or three 
different compiles of the windows ssleay32 and libeay32 dlls and the first one i 
chose to use worked with my project... at least i was able to access the site 
for the login without getting an error 500 back and i did get the initial 
redirect page that they show after a successful login :)

all that said, i've also noticed that my synapse39 and synapse40 files still 
have 38 set as the synapse version in the blcksock.pas file... seems that 
someone hasn't completed all the updates needed???

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