[fpc-pascal] Manually handling all exceptions

OBones obones at free.fr
Tue Jul 3 17:16:16 CEST 2012

Hello all,

While I'm experimenting with DLLs generated by FreePascal, I made sure 
that every exported function has its own try..except construct so that 
no exception escapes from those functions. Instead, in the except part, 
I do something like that:

     on E: TObject do
       Result := False;

This works fine, but it has a cost both in writing and in execution time.
To avoid this, I would like to hook into the raise keyword with my own 
code so that it does the following pseudo code:

Call SetLastExceptionDetails with the exception object
Set the return value to False (asm  mov eax, 0 end;)
Resume execution at the end of the function located at the frontier 
between the DLL and the host process.

To achieve this, I thought about using RaiseProc at first, but using 
ExceptProc seems more promising. At least, I can do the first two steps, 
but I'm having a hard time doing the last one.
I know I have to walk the stack to find procedure pointers inside it and 
stop at the first valid one that is outside the DLL, but are there any 
code examples around for this?
To test for the frontier between DLL and host process, I can use this 

   function GetModuleBaseByAddr(Addr: Pointer): Pointer;
     Tmm: TMemoryBasicInformation;
     if VirtualQuery(addr, @Tmm, SizeOf(Tmm)) <> SizeOf(Tmm) then
       Result := nil
       Result := Tmm.AllocationBase;

in such a test :

if GetModuleBaseByAddr(AddressInStack) <> 
GetModuleBaseByAddr(@someLabelInTheDLL) then
   set eax to zero
   return to caller of previous address in stack (using leave asm 

However, I fear this would trash the stack and assume I would have to do 
some cleanup.

What do you all think about that? Does it sound feasible? Do you have 
any advices on how best to proceed?

Thanks in advance

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