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thanks for the reply, but it doesn't really explain why this error is suddenly occurring. I am working on a layout manager to control pages within a form. when the first page is added to the first manager no problem. a second page to the first manager no problem. a second page to the second manager the error occurs and continues to grow with each page added. there is no difference code wise just different managers  

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On 27 Apr 2012, at 17:50, Carver Carver wrote:

> I am experiencing strange heaptrc output can someone please explain what sort of error could trigger this
> Heap dump by heaptrc unit
> 6590 memory blocks allocated : 6484894/6508528
> 6590 memory blocks freed     : 6484894/6508528
> 0 unfreed memory blocks : 0
> True heap size : 229376
> True free heap : 282512
> Should be : 229376

Unless heap trace reports that there are unfreed blocks, there is no error. The fact that the other numbers don't match up exactly is due to allocations that occur before the heaptrc unit is initialized (e.g., in the startup code of the system unit).

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