[fpc-pascal] Compiling from and to memory

OBones obones at free.fr
Thu Apr 19 14:11:59 CEST 2012

Hello all,

I'm currently creating a build chain where FPC is the last step, the one 
producing a DLL for Windows, x86 and x64.
In front of it in the chain, I have designed a generator that creates a 
program and a set of units from its own representation.
Right now, the program and units are written to disk and then FPC is 
called on those files.
This works fine but is somewhat slow because of disk writing and reading.
I was thus wondering if there was a way to send the program and unit 
contents directly to FPC without writing to disk, and then get FPC to 
output the final DLL to a memory location as well. The last part is 
optional, being able to send the program and units without disk access 
would be a nice thing.
I looked around in the documentation for "standard input", "pipe", but 
apart from ways to access them from within a program, I was not able to 
find any information.
Is this possible? If yes, how should I proceed?

Thank you for your answers

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