[fpc-pascal] Re: RE : RE : Re: SQLDB GetSchemaInfoSQL for indexes etc?

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Fri Apr 20 08:38:35 CEST 2012

Reinier Olislagers  wrote / napĂ­sal(a):
> Proposal
> ========
> 1. As I'm interested in getting support for MS SQL Server and Sybase ASE
> into lazdatadesktop, I propose I'll go on with trying to make that work
> using the current sqldb structure. This will mean that a lot of code
> will go into new datadict fpddmssql.pp and fpddsybase.pp modules.
> I'll submit patches when done.
ok so at this phase no changes in sqldb TSQLConnection and descendants

> 2. With that experience, I might have a better idea whether
> extending/changing sqldb with ISO information_schema could easily work
> for datadict.... however, I must say your argument re other db adapters
> does make a lot of sense.
1. As a minimum I would suggest change column names in existing queries 
to be compatible with SQL standards
   Discussed earlier in this thread. This I would do immediately 
(independent of other changes).
2. Consider adding at least stSchemata (alias to stUserNames in Delphi)
3. for stTables, stColumns, stProcedures, stProcedureParams add in 
sqldb.pp default queries for INFORMATION_SCHEMA views TABLES, COLUMNS, 
4. If somebody has interest add also other TSchemaTypes like Ludo wrote.
   (but for example for TODBCConnection we must use only existing API 
like SQLStatistics so we will not be able implement all)


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