[fpc-pascal] Lazarus win32 Break Points

Martin fpc at mfriebe.de
Tue May 24 14:25:48 CEST 2011

On 24/05/2011 13:04, Justin Smyth wrote:
> I'm using a snapshot from 30288 x64. FPC 2.4.3
> projects have different names , in the same folder since the share 
> common units
> save sessions selected as *.lpi
lazarus project info file

In your project directory should be 2 files (one for each project): 

If a breakpoint appears in the wrong app, then you can save both 
projects, and open the files in an editor (xml), and you can see what 
breakpoints are set.

> note sure if they have the same session name if i  could make them 
> have a diff session name i could do that ( dont have a clue how to do 
> this )
> GDB is V
> I've noticed if one application has no break points and i set them in 
> the other sometimes they cross appear ... ussually when both apps are 
> live.

"cross appear"
To be sure:
- you have both apps running.
- you click in one source-editor on the gutter, and the red dot for 
breakpoint appears
- at the same time, the red dot appears in the other Lazarus-source 
editor too?

That shouldn't happen, and I have no explanation... no idea.

Just to be absolutely sure, you are sure you did not accidentally use 
the wrong source editor? How to you distinguish which source-editor 
window belongs to which Lazarus?

On an unrelated note. If you share units, you should move them to a package.

> does that help ?
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>>     Quick Question , i am running a copy of lazarus twice from the
>>     same directory on 2 different projects.if i set a break point in
>>     one project should that breakpoint show in the other project if
>>     they have common units where the break points are set? apart from
>>     running two seperate copys from different directories is there
>>     any other way to fix this ?
>     Strange... I assume from your description that they (seem) to
>     appear cross project?
>     I wouldn't expect this.
>     Let's start over.
>     What version of Lazarus? What version of GDB?
>     I understand you use on copy of Lazarus only (which is fine).
>     Your 2 projects:
>     - Are they in different folders?
>     - Have they different project names?
>     - In "Project Options" / "Session": What does it say where to
>     store session info?
>     If they have the same name, and session-info is stored in
>     Lazarus-config dir, then they may overwrite each other..... (not
>     tested, just assumed)
>     The breakpoints are stored in the session info.
>     How exactly does it happen for you?
>     If you set a breakpoint in one project, at what time does it show
>     in the other? When reloading/re-opening?

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