[fpc-pascal] Looking for a suitable graphics library/component

Adrian Maier syraxes at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 22 15:37:27 CET 2011


I am seeking for some advice regarding what graphics library to use
for a new project.

I am aware that the application can be done by drawing lines, points
and text within a canvas. But I am hoping to find out about the existence
of some already existing libraries that would ease the development ...

The application will be a railway route viewer (it's a tool that will
be useful for me at work). I'll try to explain next what does it involve.
- the description of a train station tracknet is read from an xml file
(the tracknet is like a spider web)
- a route is a concrete path of a train ; it's a set of connected
track segments
- within the application i intend to represent the route as a long
horizontal line
- on the route i need to represent elements (signals, points,
balises). At a given location there can be more than one element.
- i need zooming and horizontal scrolling
- i need to be able to click on an element (and display information about it)
- there are many kinds of "areas" that also need to be marked visually
(for example the max speed areas)
- in future I might also want to add a moving train
- i'll need a configurable annotation system (enable/disable areas,
enable/disable labels)
- did i already mention zooming and scrolling ?  ;)

My feeling is that it would be tedious to develop such a GUI application
using only lines, points and rectangles.

So, does anyone happen to have suggestion regarding what would be the
most suitable widget set or library for building such an application ?


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