[fpc-pascal] Re: Converting code from C++ to FP....

Jorge Aldo G. de F. Junior jagfj80 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 15:30:47 CET 2011

no one explained so let me try :

> void ForwardModel::SetMixedBoundaryCondition(const int iElec,

void somefunction means its a pascal procedure

>   const double* SX0,

const has the same effect as fpc const before a parameter,

double* SX0
is the same as
double *SX0
double * SX0

so this becomes

const SX0 : pdouble (ugly pointer as array Cishism)

>   const double* SY0,

const SY0 : pdouble

>   const double* SZ0,


>   double* SX,
>   double* SY,
>   double* SZ)

SX : pdouble;


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