[fpc-pascal] upgrading fpc rpm removes fpc.cfg

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Thu Mar 17 19:06:07 CET 2011

Al 17/03/11 12:20, En/na Mattias Gaertner ha escrit:
> Hi all,
> I just installed on a fresh Linux Fedora 14 the fpc rpm via yum, which
> installed fpc 2.4.0.
> Then I downloaded from www.freepascal.org the rpm for fpc 2.4.2 and
> installed it via upgrade function (rpm -Uvh fpc-2.4.2-1.i686.rpm).
> To my surprise this renamed the /etc/fpc.cfg to /etc/fpc.cfg.orig and
> did *not* install a new fpc.cfg, thus no unit can be found.

Under mandriva (2010.0) I used -i instead of -U (probably I had to force
installation due to file conflicts -- man pages -- and a missing 
requirements -- libtinfo.so.5) so I have more than one version installed:

[luca at po68 ~]$ rpm -q fpc

I have an /etc/fpc.cfg and its date is the same date as the install date
of fpc-2.4.2 (I don't think I touched it but I don't really remember).
I do remember that I had to manually adjust the simlink /usr/bin/ppc386.
The fact that I used -i instead of -U shouldn't matter (the postinstall
script that creates fpc.cfg doesn't check if it's an install or an upgrade). 


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