[fpc-pascal] Converting .m4a to .wav

Leonardo M. Ramé martinrame at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 16:38:20 CET 2011

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> On 09/03/2011 12:52, Leonardo M.
> Ramé wrote:
> > Hi, does anyone knows if there's a
> library/class/function to handle .m4a (IPhone sound files)?
> also, if it allows conversion to other formats, such as
> .wav?
> m4a is basically aac, so I'd look down that route. However,
> m4a files can be protected by DRM, and those files will be
> much harder, maybe even impossible, to convert. Though, I
> believe the extension becomes m4p when protected, and also
> m4b when an audio book. The format is much richer than MP3
> or WAV as it can contain meta data such as notes, images and
> chapter markers. You'll lose these when converting.
> M

Thanks, I tested a sample file sent by my customer, and it was easy to convert with mplayer using this command:

mplayer -ao pcm test.m4a -ao pcm:file="output.wav" 

As mplayer uses ffmpeg library I'm sure I can use it from fpc.

Leonardo M. Ramé


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