[fpc-pascal] (Unix) serial port handling

greim greim at schleibinger.com
Tue Mar 8 14:49:09 CET 2011

Hi Mark,

> Can anybody say whether there is a good reason that serial.pp lacks a
> function to read the CD signal?
i would recommend the synaser library, more sophisticated then the serial.pp


there is a function getCarrier, i guess this is what you need.

If you are working on a ARM system you have to modify some lines in 
synaser. Please check my previous messages.

> Is SerFlush, which calls fpfsync, intended to discard input data, output
> data or both?
don't know in serial.pp

In synaser AFAIK on Linux only the transmit buffers,  on Windows RX and TX

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Markus Greim

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