[fpc-pascal] Standard exceptions

Michael Fuchs freepascal at ypa-software.de
Tue Mar 1 12:38:27 CET 2011

Am 28.02.2011 14:17, schrieb Sven Barth:
> As far as I'm aware of: There are none.
> There is ERangeError though (in SysUtils), but that's not an equivalent
> for ArgumentOutOfRangeException (I suppose that inherits from
> ArgumentException?).

Yes,and all Argument..Exceptions have a property ParamName:String 
containing the parameter which causes the error.

I also miss a NotImplementedException (or ENotImplemented in FPC style), 
very handy for test driven development. :)

And by the way: how about a InnerException for the SysUtils.Exception 
class? This would be nice if you want to wrap an exception around another.

Are there any chances for implement this?


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