[fpc-pascal] Installing FPC 2.4.4 for Ubuntu / Mint + other thoughts

Rainer Stratmann RainerStratmann at t-online.de
Thu Jun 16 10:24:40 CEST 2011

Am Thursday 16 June 2011 00:34:15 schrieb Juha Manninen:
> Linux is still a superior platform for open-source software. Unfortunately
> for commercial software it is not.
That's not true. Look at http://www.cadsoft.de
> There is not one Linux but many variations, and supporting binary installs
> for all is quite impossible.
If you repeat the things of some people who wants to choke discussions about 
userfriendly and easy handling, compatibility and so on that becomes not 
I wrote an commercial application that runs with embedded Linux and every 
other Linux and also with Windows.
Yes it is some work to reach this independent state.
And if you don't want to take the road you say it is impossible.
> Source code can be made portable more easily but commercial software must
> deploy binaries.
> I have a new job (http://www.cadworkssoftware.com/) and realized how big
> problem it is. Even the big mechanical CAD programs support Windows only,
> although it used to be the domain of Unix.
> Seems like Linux will remain an open-source domain. Ok then, no problem...
> Juha

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