[fpc-pascal] Installing FPC 2.4.4 for Ubuntu / Mint + other thoughts

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Wed Jun 15 19:14:07 CEST 2011

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A quick improvement for
ftp://ftp.hu.freepascal.org/pub/fpc/dist/2.4.4/i386-linux/deb/ is to
"upgrade" it to a repository. 
Include the attached file in the above directory and you can access it as
normal repository by adding "deb
ftp://ftp.hu.freepascal.org/pub/fpc/dist/2.4.4/i386-linux/deb/ ./" to
/etc/apt/sources.list (or using the "Software Sources" application in
ubuntu). The file is created with dpkg-scanpackages and compressed. I've
tried this on my local ftp server after having copied all deb's and both a
fresh install and the upgrade from 2.4.0 (original ubuntu one) to 2.4.4
worked fine by installing/upgrading the meta package fpc. 
Since I don't know the PGP key used to create the deb's I do get NOT
AUTHENTICATED warnings when installing fpc. The key is different from the
one used for the old lazarus repository
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