[fpc-pascal] Pseudographics in FPC-IDE

Nikolay Nikolov nickysn at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 14 21:45:00 CEST 2011

On 06/14/2011 09:33 PM, Anton Shepelev wrote:
> Graeme Geldenhuys:
>> You are welcome to add it to the wiki.
> I  still  do  not  fully  understand the problem, so
> please, review what I have come up with:
>      On  Linux/Unix  the  FP-IDE  calculates  the
>      addresses  of  the  drawing  charactes (also
>      called pseudagraphics)  based  on  the  LANG
>      environment variable, so for the IDE to work
>      correctly, its value  must  correspond  with
>      the  console mode which can be checked using
>      the kbd_mode utility.
>      If the reported console mode  is  UTF8  then
>      the  value  of  LANG  must  be  of the form:
>      ll_CC.UTF-8.  For  most  cases   en_US.UTF-8
>      should work.
> Now  I  don't  know for sure what happens with other
> locales. From my own experiments, in this  case  the
> IDE  simply  tries to get the pseudographics charac-
> ters from their respective addresses as  defined  in
> CP437. Is this correct?
Basically, all it does is, it checks if the LANG variable contains 
'UTF-8' as a substring (not sure if it is the right way to do it, but it 
works for Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Mandriva and latest Debian) and if 
it does, it writes UTF-8 characters to the console, by using an internal 
CP437 to UTF-8 conversion table.

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