off topic [Re: [fpc-pascal] Userfriendly editor]

Martin fpc at
Wed Jun 8 12:38:04 CEST 2011

Since this is afaik all off-topic, I did set a reply-to to fpc-other. If 
anyone feels the need to reply to this (my) mail, then please honour it.

On 08/06/2011 11:07, reynolight wrote:
> Yes. My recommendation for EditPlus is valid only for 32 bit Windows or
> Linux/Wine. But there, nothing compares to it.

I find that very hard to believe:
there are plenty of free good editors available (free). Some of them 
surely must be as good as.

There is valuable software out there, which is well worth the money and 
price the author asks for.
But an editor to me does not fall into this category. Price/value is not 
solely determined by features/quality of a single product (editor); it 
depends on the price of competing products. And with editors all the 
competition comes for free (only talking about those which are 
officially/legally free)

Anyway, that said, I had little need myself, to edit entire pascal 
projects outside an IDE. So i haven't spent to much time in comparison, 
and I am not planning on going to.
Neither am I looking to find a new editor for my personal usage. Just 
thought I add my 2 cents here.


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