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> How do you call a FPC 64-bit Linux compiler from a 32-bit WINE editor?
> That's where such solutions fall over.
> Another good alternative, and extremely fast editor is jEdit.  Or even
> MSEide is a good choice. I use the latter quite often these days, yet
> I don't develop MSEgui based applications.

My prime topic in editors is dealing with line endings, because to
my surprise some editors still fail. The behavior I expect is:

1) Save in the same format as opened. Definitely no automatic conversion.
(Think of editing files on a samba share)
2) Ability of convert in "Save As" or similar.
3) Ability to fix files with mixed line endings.
(Hard to believe, but there are some win32 editors, which set the line endings 
of new lines to windows style but leave the other lines as they are in files with 
unix style.)

Just my 2 cents - MiSchi (admits to still use AlphaX on Mac OS X)

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