[fpc-pascal] fpWeb REST support (asking about features)

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Tue Jun 7 14:10:45 CEST 2011

TCP is the transport layer, HTTP the application layer. Don't know what a
REST *transport layer* is, but i can guess what your question is about.

As you know REST is an architecture, not just a set of classes or methods.
REST doesn't even require HTTP. So calling a webserver class RESTsomething
because onGet, onPut, etc. are exposed does not have any added value. Is it
going to stop a programmer to modify data in an onGet? Will it stop the
programmer spitting out URI's that point nowhere?

A class that uses fpWeb, talks directly to a Tdataset, implements the basic
CRUD with GET,PUT,POST,DELETE and uses json,xml,... to create the reply
would probably deserve the REST label. 


> > Please don't call it RESTsomething. REST involves much more than 
> > exposing http methods. Just to avoid that in the future somebody 
> > complains about missing REST features. Remember, a little while ago 
> > whe had somebody complaining about URIParser not supporting 
> sip uri's 
> > ;)
> Out of curiosity, what else do you think a REST *transport 
> layer* should support ?
> Michael.
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