[fpc-pascal] Writing a screensaver with fpc for Kubuntu

Corpsman at web.de Corpsman at web.de
Thu Sep 30 22:32:10 CEST 2010

I wanted to develop an XScreenSaver with FPC. 

My first idea was to write a GTK+ app, but according to the XScreenSaver specs you have to paint directly on the X root window. So I translated some of the example C-code to Pascal, but the resulting application did not work.

In the Attachment you can see it under "Console"

In the directory "NoOpenGL" is the version i programmed already.

If i press the preview button in the "System-settings"->"Desktop"->"Screen Saver" menu of the KDE SystemSettings module, my version runs as it should. But if the programm is startet through the system (if it was idle) the screen is just black. What does my current solution do wrong? Has someone experience with doing this kind of stuff?

I am using a Kubuntu 10.04 -32 Bit with FPC 2.4.0 and a GForce 8400M grahic adapters, for more informations feel free to ask.




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