[fpc-pascal] Text scan in text files - (was: Full text scan - PDF files)

Alberto Narduzzi albertonarduzzi at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 20:27:17 CET 2010


> I agree. But as I search for text within PDF files?

I assumed true the following statement of yours...

[Somebody can help me please?
I need to search strings in Text files using just FPC.]

so I suggested the fast-enough (in my opinion) use of the Pos function.
If _now_ you want to search directly in the PDFs, then I cannot help 
you, as I myself would go for the conversion to text files on first 

TTYTT, I usually search for text in PDFs (using Acrobat Reader, just 
searching, when I need to convert some e-books) and I see it's blooody 
slow, compared to a search in a plain text file.
I doubt (but also would like to be discredited here...) there is a 
faster library than the Adobe Acrobat Reader one itself, so I think the 
combination of the two methods (conversion, and then search) would bring 
to the same overall speed; if not higher...

Just my last 2c on the thing.

Why don't you give it a try, cronometer at hand, first?

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