how to install ? [Re: [fpc-pascal] fpGUI Toolkit v0.7-rc2 for FPC 2.4]

Martin fpc at
Thu May 6 16:08:19 CEST 2010

All fine and good,
But I couldn't even find out how to install it.

Nothing on the webpage. There is an INSTALL.TXT, it says change into 
src, and run build.bat (for windows)

I did that 9yes fpc (2.5.1) in path.

I get some output that it compiles something, but no exe is created.

so how to I get some fpgui.exe?


On 08/04/2010 13:50, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> fpGUI v0.7-rc2 is available
> ---------------------------
> An archived source download can be found at the following URL, or
> the source code could be pulled directly from the source code
> repository.
> For more details, please visit the fpGUI home page:
> The v0.7 release contains a lot of added features compared to the
> previous release. Below is just a small list of things that changed
> or was added. A more detailed change-log will be made available when I
> create the final v0.7 release. The final release will also include
> updated Class Documentation (in HTML and INF format) and application
> help for DocView and UI Designer. The FPC Language Reference document
> will also be made available in INF format.
> Some changes in v0.7.rc2
>    - Fixed some compiler errors for experimental FPC 2.5.1
>    - Localization of Character Map dialog.
>    - Insert from Character Map added to TfpgEdit default popup menu.
>    - ModalResults is now a enum type. Improved integration with UI
>      Designer.
>    - Memo: problems with deleting selected text is now fixed.
>    - Improved WinCE support, including reading BMP files.
>    - Fixed compilation of all example projects.
>    - Extended available properties that can be edited via the Object
>      Inspector of the UI Designer.
>    - Fixed issues where dialogs are closed via the window border X
>      button and not the available buttons in the dialog. Developer
>      can define behaviour of X close button.
>    - Improved TabSheet handling in UI Designer.
>    - Various improvements to TfpgPageControl and TfpgTabSheet. This
>      includes new tab positions: Bottom, Left, Right and None.
>    - SelectDirectory dialog was not working under Windows.
>    - Setting selected directory in SelectDirectory dialog now works.
>    - New mouse cursor demo.
>    - Improved the ability to customize the HintWindow. HintWindow
>      demo was extended to show how this can be done.
>    - Improved Visible property handling especially with child
>      components. Now only the parent Visible property is changed.
>    - tiOPF: correctly disable event handlers in edit mediators.
>    - Added a script which generates a fpGUI version number based on
>      Git repository information. Later this will be converted to
>      a object pascal console application.
> Some changes in v0.7.rc1
>    - FPC 2.4.0 compatible.
>    - Fully tested on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Tested on Linux,
>      Windows and the *BSD family.
>    - Mobile device support is back. Tested on ARM Linux and Windows
>      Mobile devices.
>    - fpGUI UI Designer has improved a lot and extended it's component
>      palette and Object Inspector.
>    - Various bug fixes, memory leaks and other enhancements have been
>      applied.
>    - Units have a more uniform naming style.
>    - Classes have a more uniform structure/hierarchy with base classes.
>    - Help support has been added to the core framework
>    - fpGUI now has it's own help file viewer called DocView.
>      Docview includes the following features:
>       - document annotation
>       - bookmarks
>       - browse history
>       - exporting articles to plain text or IPF format.
>       - full text search (including weighting of results to see how
>         relevant the results are)
>       - Font and Color customization
>       - Concatenation of help files at run-time so a library of help
>         files can be viewed simultaneously.
>       - Easy integration via the "external tools" feature of IDE's like
>         Lazarus or MSEide. This allows for context sensitive help.
>       - History of most recently viewed help files.
>       - Help file format used is the INF format (IBM's format used it
>         OS/2), which is very compact, incredibly fast and supports full
>         text search.
>    - A lot of new components have been added, including enhancements
>      to existing components.
>    - Various new dialogs have been added, which include Color Wheel,
>      Character Map, Database Login etc.
>    - Improved integration with tiOPF project via the Model-GUI-Mediator
>      design pattern.
>    - Graphical FPCUnit unit test runner.
>    - Lots of new language translations for the core fpGUI library.
>    - A lot of new example projects demoing various GUI components.

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