[fpc-pascal] FPC + 64bit Windows => anybody?

Lukas Gradl fpc at ssn.at
Tue May 4 17:50:33 CEST 2010

> Thanks. BTW: are you using the latest DCPCrypt? Recently I applied a lot of
> 64-bit fixes for DCPCrypt - extensively tested under 64-bit Linux. Once I
> get a 64-bit Windows FPC going, I'll test on that platform too.
> Latest DCPCrypt is in Lazarus-CCR git repository at SourceForge. Or
> released version v2.0.4.1 in downloads section.

Could'nt find a version number in my copy - but there is some Mr. 
Geldenhuys in the Changelog, so I think I've one of your versions.

>> I normally use FPC on an 64-Bit Ubuntu and crosscompile to windows 32 
>> and 64
> Ah, so there is hope.

I just use it for some DLLs - that works as expected. But they are so 
small, that I'm not able to tell for shure that FPC will work correctly 
unter Win64...

>> What I never tested was LCL on Win64, but I think this is not an 
>> important option for you, Graeme *g*...
> What is LCL?  ;-)

You know, some fancy GUI-Toolkit, a little bit more VCL-compatible than 
some competitor from South-Africa... *runningawayasfastaspossible*



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