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Hello Jonas,

Today, Mar 30, Jonas Maebe wrote to FPC-Pascal users discussions about Re:...:

Thanks to you and Michael for the speedy reply.

JM > > One of the first things I stumbled upon was the absence of
JM > > ResourceStringTableCount, GetResourceStringHash and related
JM > > functions.

JM > The RTL sources indicate that they are only available when you compile your
JM > application using Delphi (-Mdelphi or {$mode delphi}) or ObjFPC (-Mobjfpc
JM > or {$mode objfpc}) syntax modes.

The funny thing is, that I have that directive in all my sources,
indirectly  vi $I statement. I wonder if I have to give a full
path name there? Will try that out tonight.

JM > > Is there somewhere a list that tells me all the changes between
JM > > 22.4.0 and previous versions?
JM > In terms of what has been added: the various "whatsnew.txt" files in the
JM > releases, or from svn-web:
JM > http://svn.freepascal.org/svn/fpcbuild/tags/release_2_4_0/install/doc/whatsnew.txt
JM > (that one also contains the "whatsnew" info from previous releases)

I will check them out tonight.

JM > In terms of things that may require you to change code or which may affect
JM > the usage of the compiler: http://wiki.freepascal.org/User_Changes_2.4.0
JM > (and similar pages for previous releases, linked from the first paragraph).

This as well.



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