[fpc-pascal] Error: Illegal qualifier in converting Delphi unit

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Mar 15 10:07:06 CET 2010

In our previous episode, Howard Page-Clark said:
> >>   result := TranslationTable[Index]^.CharsetID
> >>
> >> Howard
> No secret - just that fpc requires stricter syntax than Delphi, even in 
> {$mode Delphi}. The property TranslationTable is an array property 
> declared as a pointer (PTranslationTable), so has to be dereferenced 
> before its members can be accessed. It would have helped if the code's 
> author had named the property PTranslationTable to highlight that fact, 
> because the name hides its pointer character.

Is there a bugreport about this? If not, pleasae do. $mode delphi not
accepting this is not ok.

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