[fpc-pascal] Thanks for an awesome tip: -Ur = "create release units"

Tobias Giesen tobias_subscriber at tgtools.com
Tue Jul 13 15:15:55 CEST 2010


thanks to Jonas for this tip in April!

This command line switch can really solve some recompiling problems:
-Ur (= "create release units")

I had the problem "Recompiling XYZ, checksum changed for ZZZ" when
recompiling Lazarus with my component package. It's now solved.

For the benefit of everybody I am quoting the original tips again:

> In some cases, the compiler will want to immediately recompile  
> previously compiled units:
> a) if you use a unit that has in its interface section a procedure  
> that is declared normally, but which is declared as "external".  
> Solution: declare it immediately as "external" in the interface and  
> remove the version in the implementation
> b) if you have inline procedures in the interface of unit1 and a unit  
> that uses unit1 is (indirectly) used in the implementation of unit1.  
> Solution: compile everything with -Ur (= "create release units"; the  
> compiler will never try to recompile such units afterwards, except if  
> the interface section of a unit that it uses has been changed and this  
> other unit has been recompiled).


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