[fpc-pascal] Mac OS X gdb: Segmentation Fault loading my project

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Sat Jul 10 18:15:20 CEST 2010

On 10 Jul 2010, at 13:21, Tobias Giesen wrote:

> My compiled application with symbold is 93.5 MB in size and gdb cannot
> load it, so the debugger in Lazarus fails too.

Stabs or DWARF (-g or -gw)? I've seen this in the past with DWARF and Lazarus-compiled applications, but never with Stabs.

> Note that I have to use -Cg- to disable PIC due to some assembler code.
> Could this have an influence?


> I tried to reduce the symbol size by compiling the LCL without symbols,
> but the option -g- did not do the trick - how could I try that?

The option -g- does disable debug info generation. If it didn't work for you, that means that either the parameter was not actually used (I guess you did not specify it on the command line, but entered it in some dialog in Lazarus), or that after the -g- another -g parameter appears (which will reenabled debug information).

> Should I try installing FPC 2.5 from SVN?

That could help if you are using DWARF. Almost nothing has been changed to Stabs.

> Or install a newer gdb?

Unlikely (and that's not very easy).


PS: the reason it took so long for your mail to appear on the mailing list is that you sent it from a different address than the one you used to subscribe. I've added your new address to the whitelist so that future mails sent from there won't be held for moderator approval anymore in the future.

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