[fpc-pascal] TReader Class

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Mon Feb 15 21:24:09 CET 2010

Just interested in this...
 can you not use writestring, readstring?
i know code is different but even on delphi they suggest you use
writestring and readstring.
readvalue is published.
writevalue is not published... since you supposedly should be using
existing routines to write values.

if you have a user-defined type then perhaps your own extension using
writebinary with a pre-code.

--- dale

Justin Smyth wrote:
> Hopefully someone can point me to the right direction here, if this
> isnt the  right place to ask feel free to point to where i can ask ...
> The FPC Class for TReader is missing some procedures as defined in the
> delphi class of the same name
> writestr , readstr , writevalue and readvalue.
> is there something else that i could use which would do the job ? i
> dont want to create a inhertied class on TReader and add the missing
> bits because certian functions need to be of TReader Not
> T<MyCustom>Reader ie Filer.DefineProperty which has param as
> TReaderProc & TWriterProc which both point to   TReaderProc =
> procedure(Reader: TReader) of object &   TWriterProc =
> procedure(Writer: TWriter) of object; which are defined in
> classesh.inc which is part of the RTL )
> if i am to add this to the RTL Definition of TReader i'd need to
> recompile the source to FPC ( which i have ) but not sure how i do this.
> Justin Smyth

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