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Justin Smyth delphian at smythconsulting.net
Sat Feb 13 13:21:04 CET 2010

Hopefully someone can point me to the right direction here, if this isnt the  right place to ask feel free to point to where i can ask ...

The FPC Class for TReader is missing some procedures as defined in the delphi class of the same name

writestr , readstr , writevalue and readvalue.

is there something else that i could use which would do the job ? i dont want to create a inhertied class on TReader and add the missing bits because certian functions need to be of TReader Not T<MyCustom>Reader ie Filer.DefineProperty which has param as TReaderProc & TWriterProc which both point to   TReaderProc = procedure(Reader: TReader) of object &   TWriterProc = procedure(Writer: TWriter) of object; which are defined in classesh.inc which is part of the RTL )

if i am to add this to the RTL Definition of TReader i'd need to recompile the source to FPC ( which i have ) but not sure how i do this.

Justin Smyth

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