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Frank Peelo f26p at eircom.net
Thu Feb 11 17:36:04 CET 2010

So you're allowed add an integer to an untyped pointer?!


Usually if you add 1 to a pointer of type t, then sizeof(t) gets added 
to the value of the pointer. So if p points at an array of byte, p+1 
would point at the next element of the array, 1 byte after p. But if p 
points at an array of LongInt, then the next element is 4 bytes on from 
p, so adding 1 to p increases p by 4. So what would sizeof(pointer^) be?

To me, adding an integer to an untyped pointer feels undefined (i.e. I 
haven't studied the spec for it but I wouldn't have expected the 
compiler to do anything sensible with it) because what pointer points to 
is undefined and sizeof(something undefined) is not defined. So I 
haven't tried that myself.

 From your code, I'm guessing that adding 1 to an untyped pointer adds 1 
to the address. So ppp + http.header_anz would be http.header_anz bytes 
after ppp.

But http.pdata + http.header_anz means to add http.header_anz to a 
variable of type pointer to tchararr. That means, imagine http.pdata is 
pointing to an array[0..lots] of tcharrarr, find the address of element 
http.header_anz of that array. Now, tcharrarr is 1000 bytes long, so I 
would expect http.pdata + http.header_anz to be 1000*http.header_anz 
bytes after http.pdata.

Is that what you are seeing?


On 11/02/2010 15:38, Rainer Stratmann wrote:
> What is the difference between A* and B*?
> regards, Rainer
> type
>  tchararr = array[ 0..999 ] of char;
>  pchararr = ^tchararr;
>  http_obj = object
>   pdata            : pchararr;     
>   header_anz        : longint;
>   content_anz       : longint;
>  end;
> var
>  http : http_obj;
>  ppp : pointer;
>  // This works for me A*
>  ppp := http.pdata;
>  ppp := ppp + http.header_anz;
>  // This is not working B*
>  ppp := http.pdata + http.header_anz;
>  write( 'IP-Adress = ' + parse_ip( ppp , http.content_anz ) );
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