[fpc-pascal] Component Writing Question For Lazarus

Paul Ishenin webpirat at mail.ru
Fri Feb 5 00:09:40 CET 2010

04.02.2010 19:01, Justin Smyth wrote:
> I've got a simple question , i want to write a component that has two 
> or more other components on it ( ie a text box or or a button and a 
> image ) on it , should i be using a widget to do this ? or should i 
> just write it directly ( i've written components for lazarus before 
> but can only get one control on it ) the platform i will be using will 
> be Win32 ( i want to convert some other components that i have that 
> have more than one graphical control on them so far i havent been 
> sucessfull doing it )

First of all you are using the wrong mail list. And this cause you have 
less answerts you could get.

Regards your question I suggest to look at TEditButton component - it 
consists of TEdit and TButton (with image). I don't see what do you mean 
by directly but there are somw ways to implement your task.

First - is to use TEdit and TButton internally. Second to use 
TCustomControl and implement drawing, mouse, keyboard handling yourself. 
The third way is to write your control using windows handles instead of 
TEdit and TButton directly (not desired way since it is not 
cross-platform). Everything is similar to how you would do thin in Delphi.

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.
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