[fpc-pascal] How to init Array values in a record?

yu ping spingyu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 16:54:58 CET 2010

          _TBBUTTON            = Record
                                 iBitmap      : cint;
                                 idCommand    : cint;
                                 fsState      : BYTE;
                                 fsStyle      : BYTE;
                                 bReserved    : ARRAY[0..1] OF BYTE;
 // padding for alignment=
                                 dwData       : DWORD_PTR;
                                 iString      : INT_PTR;
         TBBUTTON             = _TBBUTTON;
I want to init record values when I define variables like following:

tbrbtns:array[0..5] of TBBUTTON =(

  but the field "bReserved"  is a array,I don't know how to init a array
field in a record,any one can help?
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