[fpc-pascal] How to solve "variable does not seem to be initialized" compiler hint.

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Thu Nov 19 10:15:45 CET 2009

Graeme Geldenhuys schrieb:
> Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> It's not about it not being a high priority problem, it's about it 
>> being fundamentally unfixable (except by using a completely different
> See my reply in fpc-devel mailing list.
> Bottom line is, I don't think it's right for a project that prides
> itself as being cross-platform, to force everybody to some behaviour
> that is specific to Windows and even more specific to Windows + COM
> projects.
> Windows+COM is the corner case project, and it should be handled
> differently and NOT be the default rule in FPC.

So we should disable OUT for anything but Windows?

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