[fpc-pascal] x86.pp and oldlinux.pp

Holger Bruns holger.bruns at gmx.net
Wed Nov 4 22:06:53 CET 2009

Vinzent Höfler schrieb:
> I doubt it. You sure sound write-only...
I am aware, that I raise problably anger while asking on mailing lists 
for information, because every question can be interpreted as an insult. 
I do not post for interpersonal relationships, but for answers to 
technical questions.

I am also aware, that I get bunches of useless ads while searching the 
internet with google or yahoo.

My code is working now, thanks again to Marc Santhoff. Please stop 
writing flames because of your personal emotions. I cannot deal with it. 
I cannot either follow your assertion, that I do not need to know how to 
write data in registers of an UART or any other peripheral device 
attached to a computer, because I could write zeros to a device file 
instead of it. I cannot follow your assertion, the fpc has nothing to do 
with serial devices. There is a unit serial out there, and I use it 
successfuily. If you feel bothered because I want to write data into 
registers of peripheral devices on my personal computer at home, I 
cannot find an answer to it. I need to accept your personal point of 
view as it is. There is nothing more, which I can do for you.


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