[fpc-pascal] x86.pp and oldlinux.pp

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Nov 3 09:21:00 CET 2009

In our previous episode, Holger Bruns said:
> I decided to copy all the necessary files for x86.pp and oldlinux.pp 
> into one directory for compiling these two units. This compilation 
> failed due to syntax errors. A bunch of warnings also appeared. I post 
> only the syntax error messages:

- Stop dragging out sources, this unnecessarily complicates the picture. All
units are installed precompiled, if it doesn't install, check your
- Don't use oldlinux, it is deprecated and removed for a reason.

- unit x86 is compiled nightly, so should generally compile, if it doesn't
  compile, there should be a special situation, and please state your
  compiler version and target.

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