[fpc-pascal] Servlet server for Fpc apps

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sun Mar 29 18:35:47 CEST 2009

On Sun, 29 Mar 2009, Bee wrote:

> > (in fact, I don't think Java is fit to create any application, but
> > that is another discussion, which is not on it's place here ;) )
> Hahahaha... unfortunately, there are more Java frameworks out there
> than Pascal which became very handy for anyone to build complex
> applications. Performance and dependency are not priority to these
> people. Yes, I know we can make any of those frameworks by ourselves.
> But not everybody is as expert as you are, Michael. ;)
> > This is why I think Morfik has the right approach: They allow you to code
> > both server and client-side in Pascal (or VB). The server code is compiled
> > to a super-fast server binary, the client code is sent to the browser as
> > Javascript.
> I agree with you on this. If Morfik has support for FastCGI, I
> wouldn't mind to purchase a license. :)

Well, I have a license. Money well spent, all things considered :-)
> > My (long-term) plan is to make this possible in Lazarus. The server-side
> > is more or less covered, the basic blocks are in place. The client-side
> > needs still some work, of course.
> Great news! If it can be as another "widget" for Lazarus, it would be
> better. Someone from ExtPascal had done some effort writing a
> .dfm/.lfm convertor into ExtJS window. As the other efforts, it's
> still far from perfect. Unfortunately his demo site seemed to be down
> (http://reidspace.co.uk:6464/).
> There are many pascal project for web programming out there, too bad
> each walks on in its own exclusive way and never got finished. If
> there's someone who able to combine or synergy those projects, maybe
> now we already have a complete web framework for pascal.
> I'm dreaming that someday there would be a complete pascal framework
> for web programming, with these features:
> - server side module that supports Apache module, persistent CGI (TSR)
> using pipe, and FastCGI using socket (they are all already available,
> just need to be integrated).
> - communication module that supports any web service protocols (some
> are already done).
> - client side module that supports pascal-to-js compiler (can be
> started from Powtil's PasJS?).
> - tools to wrap external JS UI library (at least the famous ones) and
> integrate it with the PasJS compiler (as ExtGWT, can be started from
> ExtPascal's converter?).
> - server side scripting module for dynamic programming (can be started
> from RO's PascalScripts?).
> - an IDE to build the UI and support event-driven programming (can be
> started as Lazarus plugin?).
> - (optional) tool to convert desktop application into web application
> utilizing all the above features.

More or less all this is the ultimate intention. Whether it will be
realized is another matter. But there is hope: I still remember the 
days when something like Lazarus was a distant dream, and now I've 
completed and deployed my first Lazarus-developed commercial application...


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