[fpc-pascal] Servlet server for Fpc apps

Bee bee.ography at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 17:58:13 CEST 2009

> (in fact, I don't think Java is fit to create any application, but
> that is another discussion, which is not on it's place here ;) )

Hahahaha... unfortunately, there are more Java frameworks out there
than Pascal which became very handy for anyone to build complex
applications. Performance and dependency are not priority to these
people. Yes, I know we can make any of those frameworks by ourselves.
But not everybody is as expert as you are, Michael. ;)

> This is why I think Morfik has the right approach: They allow you to code
> both server and client-side in Pascal (or VB). The server code is compiled
> to a super-fast server binary, the client code is sent to the browser as
> Javascript.

I agree with you on this. If Morfik has support for FastCGI, I
wouldn't mind to purchase a license. :)

> My (long-term) plan is to make this possible in Lazarus. The server-side
> is more or less covered, the basic blocks are in place. The client-side
> needs still some work, of course.

Great news! If it can be as another "widget" for Lazarus, it would be
better. Someone from ExtPascal had done some effort writing a
.dfm/.lfm convertor into ExtJS window. As the other efforts, it's
still far from perfect. Unfortunately his demo site seemed to be down

There are many pascal project for web programming out there, too bad
each walks on in its own exclusive way and never got finished. If
there's someone who able to combine or synergy those projects, maybe
now we already have a complete web framework for pascal.

I'm dreaming that someday there would be a complete pascal framework
for web programming, with these features:
- server side module that supports Apache module, persistent CGI (TSR)
using pipe, and FastCGI using socket (they are all already available,
just need to be integrated).
- communication module that supports any web service protocols (some
are already done).
- client side module that supports pascal-to-js compiler (can be
started from Powtil's PasJS?).
- tools to wrap external JS UI library (at least the famous ones) and
integrate it with the PasJS compiler (as ExtGWT, can be started from
ExtPascal's converter?).
- server side scripting module for dynamic programming (can be started
from RO's PascalScripts?).
- an IDE to build the UI and support event-driven programming (can be
started as Lazarus plugin?).
- (optional) tool to convert desktop application into web application
utilizing all the above features.

So, most of them are already available though partially and
separately. If there would be a voluntary but dedicated developer team
to focus on this, we may already have them within 2-3 years? :D


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