[fpc-pascal] Servlet server for Fpc apps

Adrian Veith adrian at veith-system.de
Sat Mar 28 11:49:23 CET 2009

Eduardo Morras schrieb:
> I want to ask (and know) if i can use apache-tomcat to serve servlets
> developed with freepascal. If not, is there a similar server for fpc?
> Note that i want/need servlet like in java and other languages, not a
> propetary format or cgi or anyother.

Maybe you want to look at www.haxe.org and

I am using the new haxe language to build neko modules, which are
running in the visual synapse webserver written in pascal. At the
pascal4neko website is a modified version of the webserver, which is
able to run neko module in a compatible way of the mod_neko apache
module described here: http://haxe.org/doc and here

Using haxe for web applications is very effective, because you use the
same language for back-end and front-end. With pascal4neko you can use
your existing pascal code or use pascal for low level tasks.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Adrian.

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