[fpc-pascal] Access violation during compilation and linking

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Thu Mar 12 10:09:55 CET 2009

Roland Turcan wrote on do, 12 mrt 2009:

> It often happens to me, that during compilation FPC raises an
> exception and often is enough just to clean up directories where are
> *.o and *.ppu located. Sometimes it depends also on a problem in my
> code, but it is very difficult to distinguish where the problem is.

Please submit bug reports (with a sample program that reproduces the  
problem) when it is due to a problem in your code. The compiler should  
never crash in that case, and such bugs are usually fairly easy to fix.

It obviously should not crash in other situations either, but it's  
known that a complete rewrite of the unit handling system is required  
to fix all crashes related to the presence of old .o/.ppu files.

> Can I build FPC with debug information to get more details where the
> exception occured and not to get only addresses from stack, but
> nothing more.

You can build it with
   make OPT='-O- -gl"

to include debug information and the lineinfo. This will symbolise the  
stack trace when it crashes (or if that does not work, you can then  
run it in gdb and use the "bt" command to show a stack trace when it  


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