[fpc-pascal] Creating FPC enabled websites

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Wed Mar 4 13:40:36 CET 2009

On Wed, 4 Mar 2009, Dariusz Mazur wrote:

> > I've heard all this before since 10 years, and it is only true for small
> > applets used by a broad public.
> >
> > For large applications (1500+ windows) that stay open virtually all day
> > and are used by a specialized public, the benefits of web-based are zero,
> > and are even contraproductive. 
> I've made this size of application. And now develop it for desktop and
> webbase. Whole application is made only one and compile to both destination by
> FPC.
> Both version can work together on the same database. And web-base work quite
> fast. Much of response is done <100ms on short distance (in the same LAN).
> Long is 200ms worse.
> Small part on http://emadar.eu:8001 but its only Polish.
> this is animation how it work:
> http://www.emadar.com/fpc/fakturowaniemobile.gif
> I will publish source as open source. I've prepare demo of our framework, but
> till now any dos is absent.
> If anybody interested I send links.

Yes, please do. I'm always interested in learning.


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