[fpc-pascal] Creating FPC enabled websites

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Wed Mar 4 09:56:49 CET 2009

Op dinsdag 03-03-2009 om 16:17 uur [tijdzone -0600], schreef Prince
> Reading the responses on this discussion thread, it appears the
> 'religious war' you mentioned in your prior post was unavoidable.

Tha wasn't my comment. But now I realise that it was me that started
this... What have I done, well, it's fpc-pascal... so it must be

> hile several traditional "desktop" application scenarios do still
> exists that will likely always run directly on the O/S without a web
> client front end, the direction of most major software application
> development efforts I've witnessed in the past three years have all
> targeted migrating the desktop GUI over to a web browser. Others in
> the discussion thread have referenced several reasons for this shift
> already, but the trends continue to follow the idea of pushing as much
> of the presentation and processing layers onto the remote web
> browser. 

So because everybody else does it, it's the right way to go? I think the
trend will stop. One of the signs are the web-communities who are
developing destkop-clients for their community now. (Was it hives?)

> Finally, respectfully I must disagree with your comments that the
> applications deployment approach " is only true for small
> applets used by a broad public. " ignores the TOC and other economies
> of scale afforded by portable web applications. Scott Trade and TD
> Ameritrade are just two of several examples where sophisticated
> trading desk and customer centric web-based applications are running
> on 100,000s of web browsers. Just a few years ago these same
> applications were shipped  to clients and had to be installed and run
> on their desktop PCs. 

Well, if you would make the application 'REST' it would simply mean that
you distribute the application to the user-desktop every time you run
it. How can that be easier then distributing it once?!?

All you need is an single executable (or maybe even interpreted) and a
system to distribute through the web. Other then distributing it on
every use, as is done now.

That we are in the IT-world as it is now, everything web-based, is based
on political reasons and not technical reasons.


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