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Bee bee.ography at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 06:05:27 CET 2009

I used to be on your side a few years ago, Joost. But now I can fully
understand why many people start to migrating to web based
applications. Especially when your application is used round across
the globe or across the nation.

> But the key point in this is that people forget that javascript-programs
> are not meant to replace a full-blown desktopapplication.

It was the case a few years ago. But, today it doesn't too hard to
replace a full-blown desktop application with a web based one with
exact user interactivity experience (drag-n-drop, fast response, rich
UI controls, etc). Just take a look what current JS framework are now
offering e.g. extjs, qooxdoo, jquery, etc. A web-based application
that lack of user interactivity is yesterday story.

> Use a db-server and a desktop-application and all your problems are
> gone...

It's not as simple as that. Everybody knows that deploying a desktop
application isn't a fire-and-forget action. There are some problems as
well in that area that can be minimized by using a web-based
application. I believe you know that as well. :)

> Web-based applications are usefull when you have users who only use your
> website now and then. In that case it does't matter much if one session
> takes some time on the server - unless you are google, offcourse. (But
> also large community-sites now are releasing desktop-clients)
> If users use the application constantly, don't use a web-application.

I disagree. If google can do it, why can't we? When SAAS becomes more
and more demanded, web-based applications would come into play and
become more and more important. When we're talking SAAS, users could
use the application all day long.

> So the things explained in this document from IBM is usefull for very
> large systems which a lot of users (Like Amazon, but they also don't
> like the idea of a full-blown javascript application) or some idiots who
> do things in a web-application while they shoudn't.

Today web technologies are getting more advanced, internet connection
is getting cheaper, browsers performance are getting better, web
standards are getting more obeyed, and client machines are getting
faster. So, making a full-blown web-based application isn't idiocy.
However, I agree that not every kind of applications should become
web-based. There are some area where desktop applications could do the
job better and can't be replaced by web-based application. ;)


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