[fpc-pascal] About undocumented features

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Wed Jun 10 10:45:41 CEST 2009

Hi guys,

> "strict" is introduced for new delphi compatibility?

A most welcome addition.

I'm ashamed to admit that I only found out that it's been included in FPC 
today. I ran an old VM which has FPC ver 2.2.2 installed, and "strict" is 
supported! I'm currenly using FPC 2.2.5

What other "jewels" are hidden from "view"? Is there some documentation 
documenting undocummented features that one can read? 

As for compatibility with later releases of Delphi (2007 - 2009 etc), how far 
is FPC going to go? While I don't know whether the FPC team envisage the FPC 
comiler morphing into FPC for .NET, there are some compiler/language feature 
specific to .Net that I wouldn't mind having included in FPC. Some features 
like sealed classes, class constants, class variables, static constructors 
and destructors, to name a few.  Are there plans to implement such features 
in FPC?

I would think that some of the above feature had to be introduced into .Net 
because a (close to) pure OO impementation does not support global vars, 
global functions etc. as a hybrid language like Object Pascal does.

Regards to all,

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