[fpc-pascal] fpmake: output directories

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Sat Jun 6 09:06:10 CEST 2009

>>> Maybe this can be used for debug/release.
>>> I don't see how this can be used for the widgetsets.
>> Why not ? you can use
>>   subtarget=gtk2-debug
> How can I pass sub targets to fppkg?

fppkg -c<configname>

You can already use this now for cross-compiling. Under Linux you can 
test it with:
- Copy ~/.fppkg/config/default to ~/.fppkg/config/win32
- Change target in ~/.fppkg/config/win32 to win32
- Start "fppkg -cwin32 install fpc-all"

>> The point is that the LCL must be installed in the package system, so
>> fppkg knows about it. That means an additional copy operation.
>> If you don't want that, then we must see about 'registering' local
>> build trees in fppkg; By this I mean that fppkg assumes that all is
>> installed under
>> ~user/.fppkg/build/
>> (or something like it)
>> if you don't want this, you should be able to tell it that it should
>> also look in e.g.
>> /path/to/lazarusdir/components/
>> To find additional packages there.
> If root installs some packages for all users and I want to add some
> extra packages. Can fppkg handle this?

Yes. It supports a Global and a Local directory. The local directory has 
a higher preference.


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