[fpc-pascal] Announcing CrossGL

Milan Marusinec milan at marusinec.sk
Wed Jan 28 23:24:55 CET 2009

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

It is my greatest pleasure after a years of development
to announce the launch of a brand new general-purpose
vector & raster graphics imaging library called CrossGL.

Main highlights:

* Raster imaging (file formats, bitmap filters, depth conversions)
* Full featured set of vector graphics API
* Interractions support (advanced hit testing capabilities)
* Layering composition
* I18N, support for Unicode
* Delphi & Lazarus native components
* Crossplatform foundations
* Vector Graphics Editor with Rotating Canvas
* Surface Computing gadgets with 360ยบ UI

For more informations, please visit http://www.CrossGL.com


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