[fpc-pascal] Xcode access to fpc documentation

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Mon Jan 26 23:55:34 CET 2009

Is there a way to add the fpc documentation so that Xcode help can access it like the docsets?

In the MacOS fpc 2.2.2 download, in the MainUnit.pas of the FPC-C-C++CarbonApplication template for new projects, there is a typo causing it to not compile.
The ) after $endif should be }.

{$if not defined(VER2_2_0) and not defined(VER2_0_4)}

As well, the way the code is commented out causes both MacOSAll and FPCMacOSAll to be used. Are they both necessary?

Where are MacOSAll and FPCMacOSAll supposed to be located? At the moment Spotlight does not find them for me.

Thx for any tips,
Ken G. Brown

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