[fpc-pascal] REQ: official FPC's FCGI framework

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Fri Feb 13 13:58:17 CET 2009

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009, Bee wrote:

> > You indicated that some kind of fastcgi thing already exists for
> > (free) pascal.
> So far, I only knew ExtPascal's FCGI. Just now, I knew that lNet had it too,
> though I still didn't know yet the details.
> > Hereby I *officially* request that YOU coordinate efforts to get it
> > integrated in FPC.
> Alright then. I got ExtPascal FCGI code though I'm not quite sure I understand
> it comprehensively, but I'd like to try. Then what effort I need to do to
> integrate it in FPC?
> > I can do some of the work (the gory programming details), but not
> > all.
> The most important support I need is to stabilize the ExtPascal's FCGI thread
> mechanism in all platforms, especially on non-Windows platforms. Though it
> works now, but I still found some problems and the current workaround looks
> hackish rather than elegant solution. While on the other side, I'm not quite
> an expert on FCGI and multithread programming (especially on non-Windows
> platforms) to confidently propose alternative solutions.
> I also suspect that ExtPascal's current implemented multithread mechanism
> doesn't fit well on non-Windows platform. Maybe it's because the initial
> design is too Windows oriented. Multiplatform support added later through FPC
> (more or less because of my request). I'd be very grateful if there's someone
> who has expertise on UNIX multithread programming would like to analyze the
> ExtPascal's FCGI code. :)

If you send me the relevant units, I'll have a look.

> Thanks for the support and encouragement, Michael. I appreciate it. :) BTW,
> it'd be nice if Morfik also supports FCGI. ;)

Feel free to request it there and refer them to me ;-)


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