[fpc-pascal] Linking Problems while cross compiling for arm

Dariusz Mazur darekm at emadar.com
Tue Dec 8 23:25:21 CET 2009

Jonas Maebe pisze:
> On 08 Dec 2009, at 15:06, Dariusz Mazur wrote:
>> Hartmut Eilers pisze:
>>> DeviceServer.pas(609,2) Error: Error while linking
>>> DeviceServer.pas(609,2) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, 
>>> stopping
>>> Fatal: Compilation aborted
>>> ubuntu at kubuntu904:~/OpenLabTools/DeviceServer$ ls
>>> /usr/local/xtools/arm-unknown-linux-uclibc/arm-unknown-linux-uclibc/lib
>>> ldscripts            libgomp.a         libmudflap.la
>>> libnsl.so.0           libssp_nonshared.la  libsupc++.a
>>> ld-uClibc-0.9.30.so  libgomp.la        libmudflap.so
>>> libpthread-0.9.30.so  libssp.so            libsupc++.la
>>> ld-uClibc.so.0       libgomp.so        libmudflap.so.0
>>> libpthread.so.0       libssp.so.0          libthread_db-0.9.30.so
>>> libcrypt-0.9.30.so   libgomp.so.1      libmudflap.so.0.0.0
>>> libresolv-0.9.30.so   libssp.so.0.0.0      libthread_db.so.1
>>> libcrypt.so.0        libgomp.so.1.0.0  libmudflapth.a
>>> libresolv.so.0        libstdc++.a          libuClibc-0.9.30.so
>>> libc.so.0            libgomp.spec      libmudflapth.la
>>> librt-0.9.30.so       libstdc++.la         libutil-0.9.30.so
>>> libdl-0.9.30.so      libiberty.a       libmudflapth.so
>>> librt.so.0            libstdc++_pic.a      libutil.so.0
>>> libdl.so.0           libm-0.9.30.so    libmudflapth.so.0      libssp.a
>> add softlink libdl.so to libdl.so.0
> I have purposely not suggested this because this will either
> a) result in other problems
> b) work until the next library for which no .so link is missing is 
> required (most of the above libraries don't have a .so link).
> That's why I suggested to look into the way the cross-compilation 
> toolkit was installed, because the above setup is almost certainly 
> intended for installation on the actual device, rather than for a 
> compilation environment (in which case who know how many more things 
> are missing, and we can keep mailing forever in this thread for no 
> good reason).
Yes, You have right
I download mentioned toolchain and try to compile  simple program
as i notice libdl.so exists, but in other path ( its /sys-root/usr/lib)

I combine several directives and at last linker pass through  first phase

no others Xr, k,
I also not modify $PATH

By the way:
when XR path is set then XP should be default, but its not
FPC search arm-linux-as
maybe better search also "as" in <XR path>/bin/as


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