[fpc-pascal] Linking Problems while cross compiling for arm

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Tue Dec 8 15:58:55 CET 2009

On 08 Dec 2009, at 15:06, Dariusz Mazur wrote:

> Hartmut Eilers pisze:
>> DeviceServer.pas(609,2) Error: Error while linking
>> DeviceServer.pas(609,2) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling  
>> module, stopping
>> Fatal: Compilation aborted
>> ubuntu at kubuntu904:~/OpenLabTools/DeviceServer$ ls
>> /usr/local/xtools/arm-unknown-linux-uclibc/arm-unknown-linux-uclibc/ 
>> lib
>> ldscripts            libgomp.a         libmudflap.la
>> libnsl.so.0           libssp_nonshared.la  libsupc++.a
>> ld-uClibc-0.9.30.so  libgomp.la        libmudflap.so
>> libpthread-0.9.30.so  libssp.so            libsupc++.la
>> ld-uClibc.so.0       libgomp.so        libmudflap.so.0
>> libpthread.so.0       libssp.so.0          libthread_db-0.9.30.so
>> libcrypt-0.9.30.so   libgomp.so.1      libmudflap.so.0.0.0
>> libresolv-0.9.30.so   libssp.so.0.0.0      libthread_db.so.1
>> libcrypt.so.0        libgomp.so.1.0.0  libmudflapth.a
>> libresolv.so.0        libstdc++.a          libuClibc-0.9.30.so
>> libc.so.0            libgomp.spec      libmudflapth.la
>> librt-0.9.30.so       libstdc++.la         libutil-0.9.30.so
>> libdl-0.9.30.so      libiberty.a       libmudflapth.so
>> librt.so.0            libstdc++_pic.a      libutil.so.0
>> libdl.so.0           libm-0.9.30.so    libmudflapth.so.0       
>> libssp.a
> add softlink libdl.so to libdl.so.0

I have purposely not suggested this because this will either
a) result in other problems
b) work until the next library for which no .so link is missing is  
required (most of the above libraries don't have a .so link).

That's why I suggested to look into the way the cross-compilation  
toolkit was installed, because the above setup is almost certainly  
intended for installation on the actual device, rather than for a  
compilation environment (in which case who know how many more things  
are missing, and we can keep mailing forever in this thread for no  
good reason).


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