[fpc-pascal] DirectFB for FPC (SVN)

Roland Schaefer roland.schaefer at fu-berlin.de
Tue Apr 28 12:13:20 CEST 2009

Hello everyone,

first of all, since I'm new to the list, I'd like to say my official
hello. FPC is great, and it has recently contributed to renewing my
interest in Pascal. Thanks to everyone involved!

In our spare time, a friend and I are now working on a small lightweight
toolkit, called WiSeSLAp, for an audio application designed mainly for
embedded devices. It currently uses SDL, but since we intend to
eventually run it on top of DirectFB directly, I have created DirectFB
1.3 bindings for FPC which can be checked out from SVN.

I hope it's not double work, but I really couldn't find any existing
DFB-for-FPC projects. Included are two sample applications which at
least work for us (one major problem is mentioned in the sources).
Comments, suggestions, reports are greatly appreciated.

If you co it from SVN, please be aware that it really is SVN code (alpha
at best), and that it might not work, and that it might even crash your
system. We test on Ubuntu 9.04 and Zenwalk 6.0 with DirectFB 1.0.1
binaries (should work with 1.0.1 and 1.3), from X and directly from the
console. The code currently won't compile with Pascal compilers other
than FPC.

If a demo or your own DFB app segfaults on startup, you have probably
forgotten to run at least one DFB task with root privileges (this is a
DFB restriction, nothing to do with the bindings).

DirectFB bindings on SVN for co:

If you have libdirectfb.so (otherwise install the DFB package for your
distro), just type 'make' and run the included DirectFBTestSimple or
DirectFBTestImage programs (with su/sudo).

WiSeSLAp trac:

The original DFB project:

We recommend that you do *not* check out any other code from the
WiSeSLAp SVN prior to the 'Baklava-devel' milestone, since it is not
cleaned up, has known bugs, and is intended to be run only by people who
know the code base.



Roland Schäfer
The WiSeSLAP Team

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