[fpc-pascal] Re: MacMode More Info / which compatibility mode and object class type to use with Mac OS X, XCode and Carbon

Richard Ward roward at mac.com
Mon Apr 13 16:54:45 CEST 2009

On Apr 13, 2009, at 2:42 AM, Pierre Paré wrote:

> Thank for you answers and the links
> I did subscribe to the list but it seems I needed to complete the  
> process with a confirmation.
> The FPC list and wiki servers are presently not responding ; my  
> confirmation is bouncing back.
> I could read some answers with a news reader program but was not  
> able to reply.
I responded privately to this as it was also addressed to my personal  
email.   Do you have any other questions from my private response?    
You can post them here if you like since if other people have ideas  
and opinions, I'm happy to hear them too.

I've tried the wiki links a few times and they seem to work for me.    
You may have tried at a bad time as it happens periodically the fpc  
sites get busy.   Here is the wiki link to my tutorial on OOP in FPC.   
It is a general intro with 4 sublinks to more detailed information  
covering chapters 5,6,7, and 8 - of which I have completed only the  
one for chapter 5 so far.   I'm still learning the finer points of  
Classes dialect myself.   Although I did not provide/embed the full  
source code in the tutorial, the code snippets are from an actual  
program I compiled and ran without further editing so they should work  
once you build up the programs as you proceed.   They are generic  
(doesn't even use objfpc for the chap 5 Object dialect) so should run  
on any platform/IDE without much , if any problems.  - R

Programming with Objects and Classes - Free Pascal wiki

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